I’m a game designer. That doesn’t mean that I don’t play games, and to be honest, I think I play more than I create. But when I create, it’s the same part of me that plays that creates. Creating something from the ground up is rewarding, and thats without it being something I love to do. To bring joy to people by doing something I like to do is symbiotic and wholesome, even if what I make isn’t physical, but programmed.

I’m a graphic¬†designer.¬†The idea of creation seems natural to me, and I believe it is only human to build things. That comes from the same brain that has a love for art in all forms in all mediums. I’ve followed my interest into the field of graphic art, and I have completed visual design for reasons of both game creation and creation for arts sake. In this advancing world, visual design keeps the pace and advances alongside it, never fading.